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Refinancing your mortgage can be a great way to lower your monthly payments, extend the term of your loan, or extract the equity in your home. Plus, with the interest rates so low now, you may even be able to reduce the overall cost of your loan.
Save a lot, not just a little
We offer a number of plans and pricing options, so that no matter what kind of credit score you have or what kind of home you live in, we’ll help make refinancing your mortgage easy and affordable.
Here for you throughout the process
We’re here for you throughout the whole process, from finding the best mortgage rates to reaching your goal. With our knowledge and experience in this industry, we’ve never failed our clients. We’ll always do our best to provide you with the best financial future possible.
You are ready to refinance
When you choose our team of experts who will help you evaluate your current mortgage and compare it to your personal situation, you’ll be on the road to a lower monthly payment and more cash in your pocket.
The right choice for you
We not only offer affordable rates and flexible repayment options, but also we have the best customer service in the industry. If you are no longer satisfied with your current loan, contact us now and we will match your current loan with a new one.
All-in-one platform
Make use of our all-in-one platform where you can understand your options by comparing the status of your current loan with the various refinancing options available to you.
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The Right Time To Refinance

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement, if you are still working, but did you know that now is the ideal time to refinance your mortgage? Our trusted Mortgage Advisors will help you decide whether it is the right time for you to refinance.
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Our team has the courage, scale, passion, diversity and resourcefulness that promise wherever and however the world needs it.
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We provide tailored solutions for your situation that can help you consolidate debt and save money on your mortgage. Our mortgage experts will provide you with a qualified solution, so you can get back to living life.

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We believe in saving Canadian families money. We work hard across Canada to find borrowers a better way out of their current financial situation, and we proudly offer our services at a low cost.

Planning for the future

Refinancing your mortgage is a great way to improve your financial status and reach your goals. Lowering payments and reducing time on the repayment will have a lasting impact on your budget, while reducing interest payments can free up funds that you can use for other purposes.

Save money with our line of credit...

If you are in the market to refinance and don’t need a traditional loan, our line of credit could be the perfect fit. This line provides flexibility that allows you to use it as a loan when needed, or as an overdraft account when cash flow is tight.

Budgeting for the future

Robust Customer Care Center

At Mortgage Refinance Point, we’re passionate about providing exceptional customer service for all our customers. Our team is always accessible for questions or concerns and can help you get started on your new mortgage with ease.
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Our expert mortgage broker and financial advisor team will help you find the mortgage refinancing option that is right for you.
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Take Advantage Of Equity Gains In Your Home

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or refinancing your mortgage, our team will help you understand the role your home plays in your overall financial picture and provide you with sound financing options to match your current and future goals.